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"American Microloan delivers great service and loan products at a very competitive rate. The competition doesn't even come close."
- Sal D. / Corporate Cafe

"We've taken out a loan with American Microloan 3 or 4 times and the ease of getting the funds was unreal. The process was very easy and very quick."
- Monica B. / Duracraft of Georgia

"My business has taken cash advances in the past, but none could even come close to the interest rate that American Microloan has provided. The service that they provided was fast, friendly, and very simple. American Microloan has very little paperwork and the loan process did not take me away from my already hectic schedule. I see my relationship with American Microloan as a long term investment not a short term solution."
- Chad L.

"It worked out great. It was a lot less expensive than many other loan companies I've dealt with. I was very satisfied and if I ever need more funds, I’d definitely do it again!"
- Peter B.

"I'm very pleased with the service and it was very easy to get a quick buck without going to the bank!"
- Jewelry Retailer / Owner

"In terms of competitors there is no competition! And the interest rate was reasonable."
- Automotive Repair / Owner

"The loans at AML (American Microloan) were handled very professionally and money was on time. It was like borrowing from family... better service than any of their competitors!"
- Automotive Repair / Owner

"American Microloan was very prompt and professional, and very convenient."
- Automotive Body Repair / Owner

"Exceptional service! You did exactly what you said you'd do and loans were issued on time. The competing companies could not compare to your rates!"
- Family Restaurant & Ice Cream Shop / Owner

"I was very happy with AML's service, and the rates fit my budget. It was much cheaper than Acacia and AML rates were as close as a bank."
- Automotive Repair / Owner

"Dealing with AML was great because it was a simple loan procedure, and the paperwork was easy!"
- General Store / Owner

"It was great! The process was quick and painless, and when you compare the numbers side by side, you can see you've saved a lot of money."
- Restaurant & Caterer / Owner

"AML was very professional and very easy to work with. I would definitely recommend (American Microloan) to anyone else."
- Family Restaurant / Owner

"(The loan) was very well managed and handled. Very simple and painless, and I would definitely consider doing it again… and for being a micro loan type business, the rate that we got was substantially better than the competition that was out there. The Competitors were like robbers compared to American Microloan's rates."
- Recreational Motorsports / Owner

"Both times I did business with AML, it went well. They were very upfront with me. I was very happy and I thought it was a fair deal. They certainly got me out of a jam! The loan was very beneficial to me… You guys were very cooperative, very professional and very personable!"
- Family Restaurant / Owner

"Excellent service! I have a great relationship with American Microloan. The money was practically issued overnight. I've been in business with them for seven years and I am very pleased with them."
- Diner / Owner

"American Microloan was fairly fast processing the initial paperwork and I had no problems balancing the daily payments! This was a really easy procedure."
- Towing Service / Owner

"The rates that I got were great, given the low volume that my business had produced. I found them to be the best rates in the market, and I will definitely use AML again for future needs."
- Full Service Restaurant / Owner

"AML was very easy to do business with. Underwriting process was very quick. The turnaround was less than a week from the time I sent my application to the when I received my money. I liked the 6 month quick loan idea- it kept me away from the long term loans and having to pay a higher rate. All around, I give them an A!"
- Theme Restaurant / Owner

"We got the money when we needed it. It was an easy process. It was a big help in a time of need."
- Restaurant & Lounge / Owner

"The process was pretty easy and the rate was the best I've found in the 15 years I've been in business. The cash flow you guys forwarded us kept us in business, in fact the gross has doubled since I borrowed money from AML, and now we're doing really well!"
- Bar & Restaurant / Owner

"I found that dealing with American Microloan was considerably easier, more professional, than dealing with the standard "advance" companies. There was a desire to learn about my business, which in my case helped as we were able to tailor a loan that met my actual needs as opposed to just dumping money into my account. It is a longer term relationship that American Microloan handled more as a "partner" than just a vendor.
"The cost of doing business with you is considerably less than other companies that have approached me. I am considering returning to American Microloan for further financing as between the simplicity of the process and the relative affordability- it makes good business sense when taking advantage of other business opportunities. I would sincerely recommend American Microloan to someone looking for fast, affordable financing that goes beyond the typical "advance"."
- Bar & Restaurant / Owner

"Very good service and very fast funding. If I call them up there is always someone there to help me and I've developed a great relationship with the director. When I hear of a restaurant owner with a financial problem I immediately refer them to you."
- Full Service Restaurant / Owner

"It was very prompt service, we were very happy with the loan, and we would definitely do it again."
- Machine Rentals / Owner

"I've been in business for many years, through my experience dealing with other companies, your company is the best."
- Pizzeria & Restaurant / Owner

"I would highly recommend American Microloan. Your business followed through as promised. Your products are by far the best in the industry."
- Theme Restaurant / Owner

"Your service was great. American Microloan helped me in a time of need."
- Bar & Restaurant / Owner

"The service was great, never had any problems. I received the money in 2-3 days as promised."
- Full Service Restaurant / Owner

"American Microloan provided excellent service. If I ever need money, I'd do it again!"
- Full Service Restaurant / Owner

"I think the service was great. I like the fact that the payments depended on how much money I made each day, so it didn't affect me financially."
- Interior Design Accessories Manufacturer / Owner

"You guys are awesome. American Microloan helped us a lot because the funds were provided quickly for us to make some upgrades in our business."
- Limousine Service / Owner

"We had no problems what so ever - everything went like it was supposed to. Funding was quick. We really had good service."
- Automotive Repair / Owner

"American Microloan was easy to work with. When I needed extra funds the process was really simple. You always found a way to make it work."
- Full Service Restaurant / Owner

"I'm very pleased with the service. I haven't had any problems -everything went as promised. I would highly recommend AML."
- Pet Supply Retailer / Owner

"We've been a customer for three years and everyone has always been very professional, answering our questions promptly. Everything has been quick and efficient."
- Florist / Owner

"American Microloan was very easy to work with. Your company has the best rates compared to other companies that work with these types of loans."
- Electronics Retailer / Owner

"The transactions went smoothly and I received great personal service. It's a great way to help finance a business. I would recommend American Microloan."
- Publishing Company / Owner

"The service was timely and fast. I never had any problems. I would definitely recommend AML."
- Technical Repair Service / Owner

"Out of all the services, AML is the best one I've dealt with. Every time I shop around for rates I always end up right back with you guys."
- Full Service Restaurant / Owner

"The service has been very fast and very efficient. From a customer's perspective — I couldn't be more satisfied."
- Hardware Wholesaler / Owner

"The service at American Microloan is very good. The loan was very helpful in a time of need and the payback option was very easy."
- Bar& Restaurant / Owner
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small business cash advance
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